3.20.2002: Dream Theater ad on CDnow
It’s 1:38AM and I was about to go to bed, and for fun I was looking
for this artist named Primo on CDnow,
and lo-and-behold, what do I see? An ad for Dream
! On CDnow! Unpossible! For those who don’t know, Dream Theater
is my favorite band, which causes about 99% of the people I know to
make fun of me. But I enjoy the music so that’s cool. I’m just really
wierded out to see them getting marketed so much. Bah. Time to go to
bed. Systems Neuroscience (COGS107B)
final tommrow at 11:30AM.

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3.18.2002: WTC 9/11 Six Month Memorial Well, it’s final week. What does that mean? High stress, high tension
and no fun. That’s okay, because next week I’m going to London! Yessir,
that’s right, for Spring Break I’m going to London, England. We’ll be
visited London itself, as well as Cambridge and Windor. Plus, we’re
going to go see the play, Play
What I Wrote
, directed by Kenneth Branagh in the Wyndhams Theatre.
Should be cool. I’m very exicted. I’ve got two finals on Tuesday, and
one on Thursday, so my schedule isn’t too bad. Recently, I’ve begun
working on TonoTopic again, so
that it’s acutally useful and that other people can use it as well.
Check it out, it’s getting useful finally. On the left if the September
11th Memorial in Manhattan. I think it was a great idea, the two pillars
of light. Smashing, just smashing.

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3.10.2002: side c, a band from san diego
I update far too infrequently. Well, what’s been up with me? Nothing
much, I went to my sister’s MUN conference
in Laguna Hills. Props to them, they did a great job with a wonderful
turn out. This week was home to a COGS107B midterm, which was brutal.
I also put on a tech talk on Wednesday. So this one guy who came put
his name in 4 times for the raffle. What a moron. I’ll have to school
him. This is week 10 coming up, which is my last week before finals
and before I go to London! I’m so jazzed, I’ve already booked tickets
to Windsor Castle, and going to get tickets to a play there as well.
Oh! Today’s picture is of Side C, a band from San Diego, one of who’s
members is Ryan Taylor, my roommate from last year! So mxellent. Here
is one of their tracks that I really like. You can find more tracks
and info at mp3.com/sidec.

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I rebut that last claim. I do not smell funny. Ami attacked
my computer. Bad Ami, bad. I ran a log file analysis for my friends
who run splorg.org, and the results
can be found here. On a cable modem
they move over 150 megs a day! Pretty impressive. In any case, I have
a horrific midterm tommrow in "Systems Neuroscience" which
wil most likely destroy and dominate me. A friend of mine sent this
video clip which
is totally wrong, yet absolutely hilarious.

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