A while ago I installed Familiar Linux on my iPAQ 3700. Here’s the uname -a:

Linux familiar 2.4.18-rmk3 #1 Tue Oct 15 14:38:20 EDT 2002 armv4l unknown

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This whirlwind week is finally over! After campigning hard on campus for the last week, we finally passed an expansion referendum to enlarge our student unions. Of course, Friday was also Sun God which as expected was much fun. We started partying at noon at Round Table and hung out on campus till after the concert. Mos Def headlined the show, doing his Blackjack Johnson music. Not enough rapping, but still a lot of fun to listen to. Saturday my roommates and I went and played golf, then went to the Yardhouse Underground for drinks and dancing. Also yesterday, I got my AEM cold air intake installed, making my car so much peppier! Now that I’ve got the intake done, I think I’m going to do the whole intake, headers, exhaust combination.

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