Track of the Week: Grass Roots Horizon by Kinobe

This week’s track is Grass Roots Horizon by Kinobe off of Soundphiles. I can’t really put Kinobe or this album in to a specific genre. The album starts out a bit harder with more breaks, but by the end it morphs in to a beautiful dream-pop with a beat kind of sound (maybe trip-hop? who knows). Top to bottom the closest thing I can compare Kinobe to is the Supreme Beings of Leisure (TOTW #16, March 5 2008). I picked this specific song since it’s more vocal than the other tracks in the album, and has a fully built out lounge sound.

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Track of the Week: Love Will Be On Time by Disko Matique

This week’s track is Love Will Be On Time by Disko Matique off of Freshman. A Dutch or French (can’t really tell) duo that puts down some solid nu-disco, indie-funk. This is their first album, a little 6 track EP that comes in at about 20 minutes. It’s a fun dance-y, disco-y modern groove and this is the first track off of the album. If you want something to get you moving on this short President’s Day week, put this little song on and have some fun.

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Track of the Week: Telepathy by Crosses

This week’s track is †elepa†hy (Telepathy) by †††  (Crosses) off of their EP †† (EP #2). Crosses is Chino Moreno’s side project from the Deftones. If you love rock, and you love America, you’ll love Crosses. The track, Telepathy, has a jamming bass and guitar line with a bit of synth thrown it and soaring, strained vocals. I haven’t heard rock that rocked this hard in a long time, it’s a sound that I’d forgotten. It’s so poppy, so 90s, yet so original.

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Track of the Week: One (Know Your Name) by Swedish House Mafia

This week’s track is One (Know Your Name) featuring Pharrell, off of Until One, by the Swedish House Mafia. It’s gloomy as all get out in the Bay Area, but ultimately this mood enhancing track by the mega-group Swedish House Mafia fits the bill. An old song, from mid-2010, but it still feels super fresh and features a huge, epic, sound that’s become the group’s signature (you can also find them on Tinie Tempah’s Miami 2 Ibiza). The track is best listened to loud, as loud as possible. Trivia bonus: apparently, Pharrell’s vocals were never intended for the track; they intended for another song, and layered in after production.

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