Beijing Olympics 2008

I’m going! Brian and I have been coordinating getting tickets to the games in 2008. We both qualified for the early list of purchasers since we have (well, I had) resident permits. Today he got the email saying we’ve been selected with our list of ticket matches after we’d put our picks in three months ago.

We’ve been matched to go to Tennis, Basketball, Football/Soccer (not sure if we’ll make this one, since it’s in Shanghai and not Beijing), Athletics, Triathlon, and Beach Volleyball the week of Aug 18, 2008. How cool is that?!

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Four Years at Microsoft

I just noticed that my four year anniversary at Microsoft happened over the weekend. I’m amazed how fast the time has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was moving up from Southern California to my place in Sunnyvale, then moving up later to SF, then to China, and then back to SF. It’s been a good four years here and Microsoft has given me quite a bit in that time (crazy cool opportunities to work on cutting edge technology, travel to Helsinki, London, Tokyo, Macau, a chance to live in Shanghai). Now, it’s on to seeing what this next year will bring (I’m not dropping any hints, but we’ve got some cool new stuff coming out soon).

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