Again, I am happy to report that Pearl Harbor has fallen
all the way down to number three in the box office earnings. This week
is hell week for me: I’m quite homeless, as I have no new house or apartment
to move into, and my lease on my current place expires this Friday.
Plus, I am moving to Seattle for the summer on Monday, giving me one
week to get ready for that business. And not to mention year end tests
and all of that too. Wish me luck. Oh, btw, I forgot to mention that
two weeks ago (I think) I saw my favorite hip-hop act,
Jurassic 5
in concert. Man, that was so bad. Plus, I saw Jack Johnson
as well, who is very dope as well.

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I’m very happy to report that Pearl Harbor only beat out
Shrek by $1,385,407. In Shrek’s thrid week of running, it is still pulling
in a whopping $28mil. Wonderful.

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It sure has been a long time since an update, so I’ll give
a quick run down of what’s going on. I saw Xizbit
and Face to Face at our Sun God festival this year. Xizbit was very
cool, and put on an awesome show, although it was way too short. This
last weekend, I saw Everlast
and the Crash Test Dummies
(remember UmmMumMumUmm? yah, that’ll take you back 6 years). It was
a pretty good show, although as the show progressed more and more people
left! Normally it works the other way, but not that night, I guess.
Everlast had some equipment problems during his set, so while the techs
were fixing it all, he took it back old school and did Jump Around from
his House of Pain days.

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