Ahnold, The Govenator

In light of Ahnold probably becoming the next California govenor, I thought I’d re-post this audio clip to show what a mistake we’re making.

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Need to live in SF and other Flagerence

End weekend, begin week. Last weekend was quite nice and relaxing. I went to a Giants game on Friday (which they won) with Justin. After the game we went and dropped off one of his Guidant intern friends at this amazing appartment in the City. I need to live in the City, it’s decided. Sometime in the next 5 years I’m moving to SF and taking either CalTrain or BART (if it ever comes down to San Jose) to work every day. Saturday I didn’t do much; I went shopping with Justin for his mother’s b-day present and then after that came back to my place and chilled and talked to Ami on the phone. On Sunday there was a bit of a fiasco with Nermal (one of my roommate’s cat) being lost for an hour, but after that we high tailed it into consumer mode. I bought a 220 thread-count Egyptian cotton matteress pad, a rain shower head along with food for fajiats. The fajitas turned out well (who says you can’t use habeneros in a marinade for mushrooms?) and the new matteress pad made my immaculate bed all the more perfect. Now, it’s back to work. This weekend I’m heading to San Diego and Orange County to visit my old roommates then my parents and going to a spinning class tonight.

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Depressing real world story of the day

xdsmonkeyx: my pothead friend laid himself off today
xdsmonkeyx: he figured he’d make more money on unemployment
xdsmonkeyx: 🙁
HyperionAB: oh that blows
HyperionAB: that’s way rough
xdsmonkeyx: yeah, that sucked
xdsmonkeyx: they cut his days though to 3 a week so that didn’t cut it for him
xdsmonkeyx: unemployment only pays 250/week so you have an idea of how little he was making….

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Cather Visit to NorCal

This last weekend was quite a whirlwhind. Well, to begin, it really started last Tuesday when Shane and Ethan flew up to OAK to spend the week up in the Bay Area. Justin and I had dinner with them Tuesday night at Fisherman’s Wharf then brought them down to Sunnyvale where they spent the night at my house. The next day they went to Santa Cruz with Hallie (sp?) and came back Thursday morning. I lent them my car for the rest of the day and they went up to SF to visit Cambra and Chris, who both work at Banana Republic in the City. Then on Friday we all hung out after I got off of work. At dinner Justin came by and the three of us went to SJC and picked up Ami. After that it was partying in Palo Alto. The next day we all went to breakfast at Hobbe’s, then Ami and I dropped Ethan and Shane off at OAK, then went over to the City and hung out there for a while. We went to Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, drove through downtown and then saw Chicago The Musical. Coincidentailly enough, we ran in to Derek and Hahn at the musical. Then on Sunday, we went to Hayward to visit Ami’s cousins and took them to Jack London Square in Oakland. After all that, Ami went home last night and it’s back to another week of work.

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Oakland Ikea

On Sunday my roommate and I went to the local Ikea. When I say local, Northern California distances must be taken into consideration, so it really was 50 miles away. It’s the only one in the greater Bay Area and was packed like a zoo. On the way there, we went through part of Oakland, and low and behold on the street corner was a full rock gospel unit singing and dancing at 2pm. It was so tight.

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The Real World

I’ve now been in Sunnyvale for a week. It’s been a pretty good week. Work is already work and I’m still getting used to the fact that there is no end in sight: 52 weeks of the year you’re workin’. Workin’ workin’ workin’. On Friday, all of Hotmail went out bowling and then after a group of 10 or so of us went out to Palo Alto (or “PA” as they call it here) for dinner and drinks. Much fun, but since I don’t have access to my server I can’t post the pictures yet. In other news, Shane and Ethan are coming up here on Tuesday and Ami is coming up on Friday.

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Moved to Sunnyvale!

I’ve officially moved to Northern California (Sunnyvale), although I have yet to make ‘hella’ a part of my colloquial and I insist on calling out freeways with the prefix ‘the’ (e.g. the 101). My movers came today and dropped off all of my stuff, including my bed and desk and art. If only it were that easy: now I’ve got to put it all away and sans dresser it may be difficult. Work has begun at Hotmail, and I must say it’s pretty rad. The people I’m working with are awesome and even though it’s only my 3rd day on the job, there’s already work for me to do.

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