Need to live in SF and other Flagerence

End weekend, begin week. Last weekend was quite nice and relaxing. I went to a Giants game on Friday (which they won) with Justin. After the game we went and dropped off one of his Guidant intern friends at this amazing appartment in the City. I need to live in the City, it’s decided. Sometime in the next 5 years I’m moving to SF and taking either CalTrain or BART (if it ever comes down to San Jose) to work every day. Saturday I didn’t do much; I went shopping with Justin for his mother’s b-day present and then after that came back to my place and chilled and talked to Ami on the phone. On Sunday there was a bit of a fiasco with Nermal (one of my roommate’s cat) being lost for an hour, but after that we high tailed it into consumer mode. I bought a 220 thread-count Egyptian cotton matteress pad, a rain shower head along with food for fajiats. The fajitas turned out well (who says you can’t use habeneros in a marinade for mushrooms?) and the new matteress pad made my immaculate bed all the more perfect. Now, it’s back to work. This weekend I’m heading to San Diego and Orange County to visit my old roommates then my parents and going to a spinning class tonight.