I’ve Sunk to the Bottom

I’m at the bottom of the update list (not counting the two automated pulls). It’s amazing how that little list that designed solely to make the home page look a little more interesting has become a self reinforcing mark of ignominy. Last week at work was insane, I was easily here 10 hours a day. Ami arrived on Saturday and she’ll be here until next Sunday. On Saturday we went up to the city to hang with her best friend Andrea and her cousin. We had tried earlier in the night to go to Suite one8one, which apparnely is one of the hot new SF spots. The line was far too long so we quickly gave up on that and went to the bar Bambuddha, which claims itself as nightclub although it didn’t seem to have any dancing. Good times all around, more and more convinced that I need to move up there. On the other hand, the possibility of 2 hour commutes every day is not that appealing.

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Hair Models and Old Friends

I was going to post something interesting and thought provoking, but then:

betterthanevill: lesson one
betterthanevill: get high at ucsb
betterthanevill: lesson 2 dont do coke @ ucsb
betterthanevill: yes
betterthanevill: lesson 3 dont make out with a hair model
betterthanevill: and have her stuff coke up ur nose
betterthanevill: that is all
HyperionAB: hahahhahaha
HyperionAB: that’s a good lesson
HyperionAB: i’ll keep that in mind

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Status Check

It’s been a long time since I last posted. Lots going on this week. Saw the Matrix at 6AM on Wednesday. Work has been murder with our new release almost slipping in the begining of the week and acutally slipping at the end. Jason and I are going to build a Media Center PC tonight, which ought to be badass. Ami and I bought our Winter vacation, going to Playa del Carmen and Merida in Mexico to see the Mayan ruins for 7 days then to Denver for another couple.

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