Another Thanksgiving gone by, and it’s time to look Christmas
right in the eye. I love how some radio stations decide to "convert"
for the "holiday" to play Christmas music and drop their regular
programming. So dumb. I also bought a new D-Link
router/firewall today for my house. Not much to say about
that, except that it was TEN DOLLARS! Haha, you’ve been had Best Buy.

Also today, here are the three Star Wars Episode II trailers that I
know of: from the previews during
Monsters, Inc
(Breathing),from the DVD
of Episode I
, and the last one "Forbidden
." (Thanks to Eric Lai
for these).

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So, as I was saying a week ago, I went to go see the Lion
King in LA
. It was pretty good! I’m a very undiscerning playgoer,
thus I tend to like all plays regardless. The costumes and the sets
were amazing though. They had people dressed up like lions and cheetah
and elephants, which was really quite a site. I also saw this last Thursday
the premier of Dracula, The Musical at the La Jolla Playhouse. It was
chock full of special effects and awesome use of lighting. The songs
were pretty catchy, although the plot was a little expected, but all
in all, a really good show. I really haven’t put any pictures up. It’s
time to put some pictures up.

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For once I deliver on a promise: The XML Web Navigation system!
Here is the URL
for all you to check it out. I’d love some feedback
if you’ve got any.

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Well, what a terrible week. Terrible terrible. Thankfully
it’s finally over, and I have a three day weekend ahead of me. Me and
a coworker were talking at the VA about how to redo the navigation system
of a web system. It dawned upon me that it would be really cool to do
it with XML and some type of rules-processor. Stay tuned for more (I
say that quite often, don’t I?). Tonight my girlfriend and I are going
to see Lion King in LA. It’s
been reviewed really well, and we have VIP seats; I’m really excited.
Plus, it’s at the Pantages
— easily the best LA theater — which is the same place I saw Phantom

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I never thought that I’d out live any of my friends. It’s
such a strange thought, and so foreign. I guess had I really thought
about it, it would have been inevitable that some would pass away before
I did. But I guess you never really think about that. Two good friends
of mine passed away this year. Kenny Samuel Chiu (3.27.84 – 7.30.01)
was murdered outside his house in my neighborhood back home in Mouton
Ranch, Laguna Hills. And Nathan Stewart Lynch (1.7.81 – 11.3.01) passed
away after losing a long battle with cancer in Madison, Wisconsin. They
will never be forgotten.

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This has been a trying year.

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