Announcing AIR 2.5 for TV

I’m sitting backstage at the Nokia Theater LA Live, working on final prep and rehearsals for our CTO’s keynote. The doors are open and attendees are starting to come in. In the keynote, one of the many things we’re announcing is Adobe AIR for TV. We’re very excited that after a year+ of hard work, crazy travel, late nights, and many conference calls between San Jose, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, and Bangalore that we’re releasing the first AIR runtime to television sets and Bluray players

Our launch partner is Samsung, who will be embedding the AIR TV runtime on their SmartTV products. Very exciting opportunity for developers who want to get to new screens. There’s already been a ton of overage, but if you’re at MAX come to the keynote today to check out Kevin Lynch present some exciting demos that you won’t want to miss.

Here’s a list of places you can learn more:

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Track of the Week: Take Me Out by Atomic Tom

I feel like an unwitting slave to a meme and a clever bit of marketing, but this week’s track is Take Me Out by Atomic Tom. This track stumbled across my path when watching the best of YouTube and the incredible video of Atomic Tom playing their entire song on iPhones meant I had to go over to give the band their due credit by purchasing their album. A fun rock/pop album, this song is probably the best. In some ways, I like the YouTube/iPhone version better than the album version. The raw sound of the YouTube track gives it an incredible texture. The actual album was recorded in an apartment, for which it has an amazing sound and spacing. I suggest giving this one a listen, to both versions. You’ll be rewarded with a great meme and a song to match.

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Track of the Week: The Dream by Groove 8

This week’s track is The Dream by Groove 8, off of Debut. Grove 8 is a little jazz/funk/fusion outfit I first heard at the 2009 Fillmore Jazz Festival playing on one of the side streets, off of the main area. Out of North Carolina, I’ve only heard them that one time. Their debut album, named Debut, contains only one vocalized track which is this week’s track.

This song is perhaps the most accessible. While not overly jazzy nor overly funky it’s very laid back and, well, easy to listen to. It doesn’t reach too far but hits a sweet spot for vocalized jazz, with the vocals adding a nice lyrical layer and the funk instrumentation still getting a chance to be funky.

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Track of the Week: Earthquake by Little Boots

This week’s track is Earthquake by Little Boots off of Hands. This is the second appearance of Little Boots in track of the week, the second track off of Hands. This mostly recrossed my path as I upgraded from the single I previously had of Stuck on Repeat to get the entire album. Firmly electropop and squarely solid, Earthquake a good bit cheesy, but totally fun.

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Track of the Week: We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP

I thought I was super hip when I first heard this track on MTV in Istanbul a month ago. I listened, thinking, “wow, what a hip little track, with its snazzy beat and provocative title. Nobody back home has ever heard this song before, I’ll be the coolest kid on the block.” Back in the states, I looked it up on YouTube, and it had over 27 million views. Ego: smashed. Double whamie came when I looked it up in iTunes and saw it was on the Jersey Shore sound track. Ego: doubleplussmashed.

Needless to say, this week’s track is We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP. This track is equal parts latin, electronica and fun. Very synth’ed out, all the vocals are super processed as is the rhythm. While I’d classify this as a dance track, I don’t think I’d ever hear it in an American dance club. I’m waiting for some DJ to make a ripping 160bmp dance mix of this and watch it tear up the dance scene.

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