My First Computer

A few months ago back home, my dad was trying to resurrect our old Sperry that he’d brought home when I as a kid. We still had it in the basement but sadly it wouldn’t boot up any more. Here are some pictures I took.

Most of the machine was built by Mitsubishi, so there a ton of Mitsubishi parts in. You can clearly see Intel 8087 math coprocessor with its gold top. The power supply, in the top right, is the only part of this machinery whose connectors are still the same in a modern PC. All other connectors and interfaces have been replaced or modernized. The two long cards on the left are memory cards, and then there’s a hard drive controller card, a floppy controller card and I think a modem in there too.

Here’s a view of the Intel 8088 and the 8087 up close.

Another look at the expansion cards. From far to near, I think it’s video (with a DB9 connector!), memory, memory, serial, modem, hard drive controller, and then floppy controller.

View from the back and the ports:

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