Tomorrow I will be attempting to fly to Los Angeles from Seattle.
I have finished my job at Microsoft, and will be heading back to San
Diego. Have you done your part and helped out yet? If not, visit the
Red Cross.

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I made it! At the airport, my flight got canceled, so I scrambled between from a United to an Alaska, back to a United flight to get back, and ended up at LAX. Everybody was very helpful and understanding at SeaTac. It didn’t take too long to get through security, although there weren’t that many people at the airport. They did an x-ray of my carry on bag, and then asked to open it, and they looked in my bag that had my toothbrush and such. They saw my Mach3 razor and my nail cutters and made me throw them away. Interesting. The flight went smoothly, even landed half an hour early.

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Please pray for those who have suffered this terrible day.
America was caught off guard and has paid the most dear price. An unknown
aggressor attacked innocent civilians by hijacking planes and destroying
symbols of America, but we will not cower in fear, nor back away in
a corner of passificity. I have put together a collection
of different major web sites that chronicled this horrific day unfold.
Please, if it is or is not in your means, donate blood or money. Visit
the Red Cross.

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On Wednesday I went to SafeCo Stadium to see the Seattle
play. It was quite exciting. They’ve got one damn good
team; they killed Tampa Bay 12 to 6. We had really good seats, and were
maybe 150 feet from Ichiro. I’m down to the wire here at my last week
Microsoft and I’m working to get sign-off for my project to go live.
Should be interesting. In other news, I’ve started work on a list of
my reviews of restaurants I’ve been to
relating to how a vegetarian would fare eating there. It’s quite poor
at the moment, so take it all with a grain of salt.

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