Speaking at Adobe MAX 2010

I’m speaking again at Adobe MAX this year, as well as co-teaching a set of lab sessions.

Here’s more info from what I just posted to the AIR Team Blog.

Adobe MAX is right around the corner and we’re super excited to start showing off the latest and greatest that AIR has to offer. There’s going to be a ton of exciting sessions covering desktop, mobile devices, and now the newest screen, TVs.

We’ve got two sessions specifically aimed at getting our customers excited about and educated in what AIR for TV is going to offer them. We also have a lab that will give you a chance to learn how to actually develop AIR for TV applications. Plus, as usual, we’ll have a couple of surprises up our sleeve that you won’t want to miss!

Our two sessions will help you learn two things: first, the ecosystem around TVs, Blu-ray Players, and set top boxes; and, second how to actually use the new AIR for TV platform to build and optimize applications that run on those devices. Expect these to be info-packed, fun, and engaging sessions to learn about a whole new screen to take your apps and content.

Flash Platform for TV: A New Ecosystem by Aditya Bansod (Principal Product Manager)
Join us for a sneak peek of Flash Player on Google TV and how Adobe AIR will soon power a whole new class of devices in the digital home, helping Adobe Flash Platform developers build experiences for an entirely new market of consumers. This session will provide an exclusive first look, with product demos of Google TV and AIR for TV

How to Develop & Optimize AIR for TV Applications by Don Woodward (Principal Scientist, Consumer Electronics)
Learn how to build engaging applications for the TV screen using Adobe AIR. Special focus will be made on design considerations and optimizations for building applications for the television.

In addition to the two sessions above, we will also be hosting three hands-on labs at MAX. You won’t want to miss these! We’ll be giving you all the tools you’ll need to walk out of the lab a super-charged TV developer.

Lab: Developing Your First AIR for TV Application by Don Woodward (Principal Scientist, Consumer Electronics)
Learn in this lab how to build engaging applications for the TV screen that run on Adobe AIR. Special focus will be given to design considerations and optimizations for building applications for the television.

So join us at MAX, sign up for the sessions, and learn what Adobe has been doing the last year to open up a whole new ecosystem for our community.

Aditya Bansod
Principal Product Manager

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Deleteing Duplicate Contact Lists On a Blackberry

This has been frustrating me for a few days now. If you have an extra address book / contact list on your Blackberry that you can’t seem to delete in any way, you can force it to resync from the server.

This is caused when someone moves or re-adds a BB user to the BES without wiping their Blackberry before reactivating. This will create a new contact list each time. To remove it, go to Contacts and click Options. Then type rset, it will pop up with a screen asking if you want to wipe the contacts, select yes through all windows. You can then wirelessly sync or use desktop manager to repopulate contacts.

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Track of the Week: MoneyGrabber by Fitz & The Tantrums

We’re back with a fresh track this week, MoneyGrabber by Fitz & The Tantrums, off of Pickin’ Up The Pieces. I haven’t found that much about them in the regular press or anything, but they’ve got a great sound, a kind of soulful pop sound. The sound brings you a bit back to Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black but with a more modern-pop sound.

This specific track, MoneyGrabber, is a fun horns and piano and great singing. It’s a great representation of this group’s sound. The lyrics are amusing, and full of whimsy, while the chorus is catchy and draws you in a way a great pop song does.

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