Tuesdays and Thursdays rock my world. I’m on campus from
9AM to at least 830PM, if not till midnight. Ouch. While browsing online
today, I found the original RFC
for FTP. You can made good bed reading out of it here.
Did you know that your brain keeps counters on how many times you’re
exposed to individual words? Amazingly, the more often a word is used,
the less processing time is needed to interpret it, thus leading to
a theory that you keep a "cache" of sorts of most commonly
exposed words. Neeto. I love my major.
And I hate Silent Hill
, which is wasting my free hours away.

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Good god, yet again a long time without an update. What
shall I do. Well, I was in London for a week enjoying a grand old time
of sightseeing, local culture and the theatre. I still need to develop
my pictures, but I’ll do that soon. This last weekend, my good friend
Manny came down to San Diego for the weekend, and I got some good pictures
of that already scanned, but I need to crop them down. I’ve also got
a new web cam that my dad managed to get for free (we don’t ask), and
I’ve written some quick software that updates it every 10 minutes. It’s
pointed at my door. Here’s a link
to see
what it’s looking at right now.

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