12.3.2001: Segway Human Transporter
For all those people who were wondering what "IT" or "Ginger"
was, the world has finally found out. It’s the Segway
Human Transporter
. It’s a self balancing, motorized scooter that
you’re supposed to be able to navigate around crowded cities with. Take
a look at their web site: it’s got pictures of really deluded people
talking to each other and and running around what looks like some picturesque
quasi-Bern city talking to each other on their HTs. Yah, it’s slightly
disappointing, but they’ve got a really impressive client list, such
as the USPS, who are testing to see if it could be used for mail delivery.

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I don’t think I ever mentioned that I got an Xbox did I?
Well, I did! My roommates and I have now beaten Dead or Alive 3 and
Halo, and we’re thirsting for more. Well, that’s good and but we’d rather
not spend $50 every few weeks on a game. Enter GameSpy
Xbox Tunnel
. This thing is great and it’s the root of all evil!
Download the GameSpy software to your desktop, find some people to play
with, then click! Your Xbox suddenly thinks it’s connected to other
Xboxes. It’s amazing and such a time sucker. You should try it.

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