Adobe Nitro for Portable Widgets

Today at Adobe MAX in San Francisco, my colleague Matt Snow did a sneak peak of a product I’ve been working on for some time now: Adobe “Nitro”. Nitro is a framework that allows developers to design, build, distribute Flash widgets on multiple screens. Take your widget from the web and distribute it to desktop and to your mobile phone. Developers and designers can create widgets in Flash for many targets, widgetize their existing content and make them viral and portable.

Pretty cool, eh? Matt also showed a early build we had as a demo where he showed widgets staying in sync between your phone and your desktop and an RSS and YouTube widget running same binaries on both the phone and desktop. I’m pretty excited it all went off without a hitch. The demo gods were on our side, even more so given our dry run late last ran in to some hiccups.

Most of what we’re working on I can’t share now. The details we’re releasing at the moment are basically what we showed in the sneak peek, but we’ll have a great set of features and products in the coming year and I’m looking forward to sharing as it becomes available.

P.S. shout out to all other sneak peek presenters. As somebody on Twitter commented, some of the demos are like sci-fi, but real. Also, the production quality of the main hall at Moscone SF was out of this world. I’ll post videos soon. You might also want to check out some of the live blogs of the event, too.

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You Need to Vote

That’s right. I said it. You need to vote. Who cares about work, who cares about school, or whatever obligation you may have. It can wait a day. Drop whatever it is you’re doing tomorrow and go vote. I’ve got my preference of who you should vote for (Obama), but even if you don’t share that opinion just get out to the polls tomorrow and vote.

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