Track of the Week: Feels Like The First Time by Corinne Bailey Rae

This week’s track is Feels Like The First Time by Corinne Bailey Rae, off of her sophomore album The Sea. I’ll admit, I’d heard of CBR for a while, but had never heard any of her music. This song came up on KCRW one morning and it absolutely stood out on the playlist, so I picked up the song and the album, and have loved it since. It starts with a discordant/minor (no idea if those are the right words, but it sure sounds like that) piano riff which disappears as the song enters a jazzy, upbeat melody and returns to the theme during the chorus. CBR’s lyrics and delivery enchant through the whole track, moving from sticking right to the beat to sliding just behind in classic jazz vocalist style.

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Track of the Week: Highschool Reunion by Pigeon John

This week’s track of Highschool Reunion by Pigeon John, off of Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister. Originally a part of LA Symphony (the hip hop act, natch), Pigeon John’s Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister is full of laid back early 2000s raps, casual lyrics over flowing beats, sounds that were before big time production was available to everybody. What I love about indie hip hop of this era (like early Jurassic 5, LA Symp, 4th Avenue Jones, and the like) was the lyrical quality. Each song tells a story, and thins song is exactly like that.

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