Saw Shrek last night.
It’s such a funny movie. The whole time its poking fun at Disney movies,
which is just cool, becauze Katzenberg, the former cheif of movies at
Disney is the K in Dreamworks
, the company that made Shrek. Katzenberg won a bitter $250,000,000
(yes, that’s right, two hundred and fifty million) lawsuit against Disney
for violating
his contract
. Talk about payback. For work recently, I’ve had a
project where I had to write code to validate a bunch of forms. Well,
most web programmers know this is a tedious task. Instead of doing it
all by hand, I decided to made a small little framework that can be
used to help automate some of the server side work. I’ll put it up in
the next few days on Things.

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5.23.2001: Swapan, the sketchiest man alive5.23.2001:
Yet another worthless update, without any pictures. So much to be doing
this time of year. We had a major set back renting a house last week,
where we were denied from renting a place that we had really liked.
Things are really cranking at the VA these days. The "lead"
programmer there left, and the whole lot of his work has fallen upon
me, including rebuilding the database parser and that business. So I’ve
been really busy there. I talked to an old friend Kony
today, one of those Yale types. Maybe she’ll end up being President!
Oh, on another note, I got a new Visor
on Tuesday! It’s quite nice. I love gadgets. That’s a picture
of the sketchiest man alive, Swapan. I have no idea why I put it up.

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This site hasn’t been updated in a while, my computer has
been going up and down as I was playing with installing (and finally
uninstalling) Windows XP. I don’t even have Photoshop installed, so
it’ll be a long process until I finally get back into the swing up updating

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5.02.2001: Me chilling
It’s been a long time (it seems like that’s the usual mumbo jumbo) since
I’ve last written, so here’s my most recent update. I’ve taken the job
at Microsoft, so I’ll be working there for a few months doing Program
Management for Visual Studio, which I’m really excited about. My computer
is now running Windows XP, and I can say that’s it’s very … interesting.
It’s a got a whole new look and feel. If you want to learn more about
it, I suggest Paul Thurrott’s Windows
Super Site
. My roommate, Ryan T as of now is jamming to hard core
death-metal type of music by the name of Taken,
which, unlike most death music, is quite entertaining to listen to,
while at the same time on my stero is Wayne
of Blue Note Records.
Work at the VA Center is pretty chill right now, and on the side I’ve
been bouncing around an idea in my head that a friend of mine, Tobin
, called adaptive pre-caching. Anyway, I’ve made some changes to
the Things link on the left, so check it out.

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