5.23.2001: Swapan, the sketchiest man alive5.23.2001:
Yet another worthless update, without any pictures. So much to be doing
this time of year. We had a major set back renting a house last week,
where we were denied from renting a place that we had really liked.
Things are really cranking at the VA these days. The "lead"
programmer there left, and the whole lot of his work has fallen upon
me, including rebuilding the database parser and that business. So I’ve
been really busy there. I talked to an old friend Kony
today, one of those Yale types. Maybe she’ll end up being President!
Oh, on another note, I got a new Visor
on Tuesday! It’s quite nice. I love gadgets. That’s a picture
of the sketchiest man alive, Swapan. I have no idea why I put it up.