Well, what else is new around here? I’ve got three weeks
left here in Seattle/Redmond, I’ll be back in San Diego on September
15th. I recently saw Rush Hour 2
and American Pie 2, of
which Rush Hour is a far better movie. Maybe I’m just older now, but
APII seemed like such a dud, and generally unfunny. I recently got a
iPAQ 3650
. Ok, so this think makes Palms look like oversized calculators.
I can stream and play videos over WiFi (a.k.a. IEEE 802.11b or wireless
ethernet), with the PC card expansion slot. It’s got 4096 colors and
they all look beautiful. As I make changes in my schedule on Outlook
it gets transparently updated on the iPAQ if it’s docked. The thing
is beautiful. I had dinner at Wild
in Seattle this weekend, and I must say that it was pretty
damn good. Check out my dining reviews
page for more info.

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So, here it is, the history of Xanadu
cheese. Enjoy and enjoy it in moderation.

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8.17.2001: A profile of Swapan. Beware, he is armed and dangerous. (C) Eric Lai 2001
In my continuous efforts to bring you the sketchies of the sketch, today’s
picture is yet another of Swapan, as first seen on 5.23.01. I finally
wrote up the history of Xanadu cheese, which is now available here.

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve last written here. This
site is currently being hosted by Mr. Ochi of Strevda,
so I have little access to it while I’m in Redmond.
Things are going well around here, I’m working with the Visual
team developing specs and such. I recently came back from
Switzerland and France where I was on vacation with my family. This
last weekend, my girlfriend and I endeavored on a day trip to Vancouver.
Planned updates to the site include a write up about Vancouver,
the history of Xanadu
cheese, my ideas for a new kind of virus protection and my plans to
make a bug tracking system in .Net.

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