Well, what else is new around here? I’ve got three weeks
left here in Seattle/Redmond, I’ll be back in San Diego on September
15th. I recently saw Rush Hour 2
and American Pie 2, of
which Rush Hour is a far better movie. Maybe I’m just older now, but
APII seemed like such a dud, and generally unfunny. I recently got a
iPAQ 3650
. Ok, so this think makes Palms look like oversized calculators.
I can stream and play videos over WiFi (a.k.a. IEEE 802.11b or wireless
ethernet), with the PC card expansion slot. It’s got 4096 colors and
they all look beautiful. As I make changes in my schedule on Outlook
it gets transparently updated on the iPAQ if it’s docked. The thing
is beautiful. I had dinner at Wild
in Seattle this weekend, and I must say that it was pretty
damn good. Check out my dining reviews
page for more info.