Thoughts on SenchaCon 2011

I’m back at home after an exciting time at SenchaCon 2011, in Austin, Texas. What an event. A great bonding experience for the company, and an even better opportunity for us to spend time with customers and the community. I don’t blog often enough about Sencha, but this was so much fun and so exciting that I had  to toss out a few things that were my favorite from the show:

  • The Sencha Platform: we articulated our platform for the web using Sencha technologies. Built on tools, frameworks and the cloud the Platform gives developers all they need to get up and running building world class web apps. So stoked about building out the Platform over the next year.
  •, Ext JS 4.1, Sencha Touch 2, and Designer 2. Awesome launches for all of our products. Congrats to the teams for making it happen.
  • Multi-device, Shared, and Enriched: our vision on how the future is going to shape web apps and content in general. Abe did a fantastic job articulating how the web will evolve over the next few years.
  • BBQ at Stubbs! So much fun hanging out and have a drink with folks from the community, and an awesome live performance by Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. They’ll be at the Fillmore next month if you want to catch them in San Francisco.
  • Hackaton! I’m always amazed at what people can put together at a hackathon, and I’ll brag just a bit: the teams at our hackaton produced some of the best apps I’ve ever seen at a one-day hackathon. Hats off to the community for kicking ass hacking on our products.
SenchaCon was easily one of the best tech conferences I’ve been to, and I’m proud to have been a part of it. Now, time to sleep for the next few days. Can’t wait for SourceDevCon in London next year — hope to see you there if you didn’t make it to SenchaCon Austin.
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Track of the Week: I Stand Alone by Theophilus London

This week’s track is I Stand Alone by Theophilus London, off of Timez Are Weird These Days. I think Theophilus is generally classified as hip-hop, I found this track while listening to Live 105’s Soundcheck show. I Stand Alone is half rock, half hip-hop, but more hip-hop in the Kid Cudi sense of the word. More soulful, and partly funky yet still rocking. Most of the Timez Are Weird These Days album is just so-so, but this track stands alone as the track of the album.

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