Today’s my last day at Cather! Crazy, isn’t it? I’ve spent two years at this place and now it’s time to move on. As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I’m heading to India, Dubai and London in the next three weeks, from July 1st to July 23rd. I’ll have sporadic access to email and I’ll make an attempt to blog whenever I’m online. Luckily for me, I’ll have my laptop, iPod and a bunch of DivX to keep me entertained. After that trip, it’s off to the Bay Area. Jason and Kyle (my future roommates) are looking for a house to rent in the Sunnyvale/Mountain View area. I think I’m going to move up August 2nd, so I’ll spend a week in SoCal after I’m back from India.

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Register for the national Do Not Call registry. One more way the government knows about you.

Also, a few weeks ago a couple friends and I installed a 1/8″ jack into the center console of my Civic. The pictures are here. We drilled into one of the small punch-outs and installed a female-to-female adapter. On the other side of it is a cable that runs under the console, back through the molding on the front and into the stereo bay. You can see in the pictures the black cable that comes out into an RCA connector. All this is so I can hook up my iPod (or any other 1/8″ jacked device) into my car.

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Back from Vegas. Had a great time, ended up even and found that Roulette was my favorite game and slots are a donation box for the casions. Downtown is broke, the Strip is pretty nifty. Rain was tight, but hanging out and gambling till 4am was tighter. Las Vegas pictures. Also Graduation pictures.

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I’ll be out of touch until Friday in Las Vegas. If you need me, I’ll be available via cell phone but not email, or at the New York, New York hotel.

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After probably 100 hours of programming and math, Dan and I finally finished our CogSci 121 final. It acutally turned out to be pretty cool: it allows the user to quickly prototype neural networks by drawing the nodes and connections. You can download the executable Jar file. Look inside for all the code, documentation and presentations.

So I’m sitting in my last final about to be done with my undegraduate career! The next few months are going to be really crazy: June 17th – June 20th in Las Vegas, July 1st ~ July 23rd in London, Dubai and India. End of July to Mountain View, start work at Microsoft August 4th, back to San Diego September 21st weekend for Jacquie’s wedding, then hopefully to Paris during Thanksgiving with Ami.

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I had breakfast this morning with one of my old roommates, Ryan, who told me the tale of his ‘walkabout’. What is a walk about you ask? Well, apparently it’s just when you walk. A lot. Ryan and his friend walked from La Jolla/UTC area to downtown San Diego. It was some 19 miles of walking in nine hours! Also, there’s a great article on Slate about the Bush tax cut and how it brings back class war and hurts the minimum wage earner.

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