Nha Trang

We reached Nha Trang this morning after taking the overnight train from Saigon. Our time in Saigon was brief and towards the end of the day we got caught in a monsoon type of storm. The rain poured from probably 5pm to 10ish, by which time we were on the train heading to Nha Trang. The ride was pretty uneventful, given that our trip was from 11pm to 530am. On our way out, we almost were stuck on the train at the Nha Trang station as we missed the cue that said when people deboarding and people boarding swapped and had the conductor yelling at us to get off the train before it left the station.

Nha Trang itself is a lovely beach town. Given how early we arrived as soon as we had our first room available we managed to catch a few naps, and then went out to eat and lounge by the beach. In the evening, we caught up with a old coworker of mine who was also in Nha Trang, Rachel, and her sister before they were about to leave for Hoi An. After walking the beach for a while, we bought overnight sleeper bus tickets for Monday night for Hoi An as well as signing up for a discovery scuba trip tomorrow morning.

It’s not too late here, maybe 10pm, but the train ride’s house and jetlag are catching up so it’s an early night for our group.

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Landed in Saigon

We landed in Saigon late last night after our flight was 40 minutes late but we were picked up by the hotel in our only plannned thing of the trip. We checked in and met Dan who had arrived in the morning. After taking a few minutes to freshen up we went on a walk and found ourselves at a late night pho joint. The place was very cool. They had 30 of so plastic chairs outside and a fleet of waiters (and also what appeared to be a very make shift cyclo valet service). We ordered pho and beers and hung out for an hour or so. After eating we came back to the hotel and did some light planning. Looking like today we’re thinking of going to the market to visit the “noodle lady” who is apparently serving lemongrass something today. After that we’re planning on going to Sinh Cafe to book either an overnight bus or train to Nha Trang.

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Heading to Vietnam

I’m at the airport heading to Vietnam for basically summer vacation. We’ve got a couple of friends going and others who are meeting mid trip and at the end. The goal is to make of from Saigon to Hanoi in about 8ish days and fly back at the end for our return flight back. I’ll be blogging hopefully most of the trip. Should be fun!

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TweetDeck and VmWare Fusion

I recently ran in to this problem using TweetDeck and VmWare Fusion. Whenever TweetDeck wanted to update, it would launch the Adobe AIR update manager. If I said “yes, update”, my Windows XP VM would take over and try to open the update in the VM. This happened only after I’d also installed AIR in the virtual machine (after I’d installed in the OS X host). The workaround is pretty simple:

  1. Find your .vmwarevm file for your guest operating system
  2. Right (or control) click and show package contents
  3. Open up the Application folder within the package
  4. Delete Firefox and Adobe AIR Installer (these are the “Applications” that Fusion creates to allow you to open a file in OS X and have it open directly in the guest. They are not the actual applications)

Preso chango, all is back to good.

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