TweetDeck and VmWare Fusion

I recently ran in to this problem using TweetDeck and VmWare Fusion. Whenever TweetDeck wanted to update, it would launch the Adobe AIR update manager. If I said “yes, update”, my Windows XP VM would take over and try to open the update in the VM. This happened only after I’d also installed AIR in the virtual machine (after I’d installed in the OS X host). The workaround is pretty simple:

  1. Find your .vmwarevm file for your guest operating system
  2. Right (or control) click and show package contents
  3. Open up the Application folder within the package
  4. Delete Firefox and Adobe AIR Installer (these are the “Applications” that Fusion creates to allow you to open a file in OS X and have it open directly in the guest. They are not the actual applications)

Preso chango, all is back to good.

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