My personal web site is simply an live feed from RedYawning. This is how I did it, using ASP.NET.

<%@ Import Namespace = “System.Net” %>
<%@ Import Namespace = “System.Net.Sockets” %>
<%@ Import Namespace = “System.IO” %>

HttpWebRequest http = (HttpWebRequest)
 http.UserAgent = “FullEnergyWebGrab/1.0”;
 HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)http.GetResponse();
 Stream s = response.GetResponseStream();
 StreamReader read = new StreamReader(s);
 string html = read.ReadToEnd();

And nested it the regular HTML shell of the site.

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It’s back and it’s great: Old Man Breakfast. The 6AM weekday tradition returned in full force as Justin, Derek, Ryan and I all made it to Pacific Beach at 6:15AM this morning (I woke up at 5:45AM) to partake in the Broken Yolk early bird specials. We used to do this once a week second year when I lived with Derek, Ryan and Manny, and now we’re brining it back! A full breakfast, with coffee for $6. Can’t go wrong. And for humor’s sake, here’s a little bit of v-day trivia.

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Yesterday my roommate Dan approached me and asked if I’d like to go to the shooting range to go “sight” his new scope on his rifle. Thinking it would be interesting to see what a shooting range is like, I went. OH GOD. It was ridiculous. As Dan puts it, it’s “a cultural experience.” There were these two Hispanic men in the booth left of us shooting 9mms and .45s, and ever once in a while unloaded a shotgun (with Winchester ammo). In the booth to the right of these were three Japanese people: a lady and two men who were having a joyous time firing revolvers. The poor lady was so small that every time she shot the revolver she must have recoiled two feet. I actually did shoot Dan’s rifle, a Ruger .22, which felt quite a bit like the bb guns that I had played with when I lived in Pennsylvania. In all it was an interesting experience, where the store employees (or “range masters” as they like to call themselves) had side-holstered pistols with spare clips on the other side.

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It’s crazy that the Columbia was lost. As a kid, I grew up dreaming about space and everything related, from telescopes to shuttles. I distincly remember back in 1986, when the Challenger was lost on take-off. I was watching Sesame Street, and remembered the news cutting into some segement of the show. It’s one of those example of pop-out memory, where that is still such a distinct event in my life.

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It’s Feburary and the Lakers are only one game down from being at 0.500. My buddy list on AIM died on Thursday after I installed Gaim, which is really wacky because if I use Gaim, it still seems to exist.

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