Track of the Week: Meet Around 10 by Film School

This week’s track is Meet Around 10 by Film School off of Fission. A local SF band, I first heard Film School at Cafe du Nord tagging along for a 40 in 52 show about a month ago (back in the long forgotten days of when I wasn’t a work robot). They rocked the set with confetti, a laser light show as well as glow sticks (felt very 2000). Meet Around 10 was the last song before their encore and it’s interesting to hear the recorded version versus the live version. I think the YouTube of the live version is taken off the soundboard so you don’t get the environmental rock-out-feel that the band has live. The track is super fun and the album is a bit lo-fi, a bit rock, with a healthy dose of production.

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Track of the Week: Raise Your Weapon by Deadmau5

This week’s track is Raise Your Weapon (Switch Fusion Remix), by Deadmau5. Track of the week has had a dearth of trance and house, so in an attempt to go back to some of track of the week’s roots, this week’s track is a great little melodic garage/grime song. The original Deadmau5 track is much more house-y and progressive and moves idly through the lyrics over a set of synths and pianos (with some breaks, too). The Switch Fusion remix pumps up the BPM, throws on a bunch of dubstep love, and shortens the track up. Something to get you moving on an otherwise hum-drum Tuesday.

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