Nothing much has been happening in the world of me recently. I’ve spent far too much time working on VA things, and have the usual round of midterms and papers coming up. I bought something like 8 CDs today for $50 from the shady on campus vendor. I really like Jamiroquai, the album has a real hip and fresh sound. Also on the purchace list was Life After Death by Biggie, which is amazing. That guy can rhyme and flow better than most MC’s.

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Just got back from a fun filled day in Rosarito, Mexico. Check out all the fun at PictureViewer, where all my digital pictures are stored.

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Who would have known that Diffie-Hellman has a man-in-the-middle weakness? Not I! I’ve been spending a lot of time these last two weeks working on creating an ‘secure’ data transfer system for Macromedia Flash MX. We’re planning on doing Diffie-Hellman for key agreement and RC4 for the stream cipher (sounds a bit like SSL, eh?), but it should be very interesting since we have a totally insecure client (so we can’t use Station-to-Station to prevent that man-in-the-middle), with a 32-bit integer maximum. Other than work for the VA, nothing else interesting has been going on, outside the usual school stuff.

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Back in San Diego! It seems like winter break went by without anything. I was in Denver the last week hanging out with Ami and meeting her family and friends. Spent New Years in downtown Denver which was quite fun. I took a grip of pictures on my Canon S230 camera which I”ll have to put online soon. In other news, I’ve finished up more stuff for pnet getting more of the System.IO stuff done. For the VA I’ve recently been working a lot on code path analysis for Impact4, which has proven to be a very interesting suprise. Hopefully soon enough we’ll have a web site up for Impact4 that’ll be able to generate surveys out of it. It’s quite nifty. The next feature I’ll be working on is implementing AES and a cool security algorithm in Flash MX.

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