Track of the Week: Miami Showdown by Digitalism

This week’s track is Miami Showdown by Digitalism off of I Love You, Dude. Another 40 in 52 show, I hadn’t heard of them but after going to the show I quickly bought their albums. This track has a Daft Punk, Tron-era feel to it which is quite different than the rest of the album. Most of the album is more vocal and less pulsing instrumental. I picked this track since it’s a brooding 92bpm electronica track. Different than the rest of the album, but a solid listen.

Track of the Week: Murder to Excellent by Jay-Z & Kanye West

This week’s track is Murder to Excellent by Jay-Z & Kanye West off of their Watch The Throne album. I’m still working my way through all the tracks on this new album so this is picked solely on how catchy it sounds. I think the lead single on this may be No Church in the Wild which features Frank Ocean (who makes two appearances on the album), but I haven’t heard any of the tracks on the radio yet.