Short Trip to Asia, Starting in Beijing

I’m in Beijing at the moment, typing away on my laptop tethered via my Blackberry to the CHN-CUGSM 3G network. Technology is something, isn’t it?

We got in to Beijing last night for two customer meetings we have today, then we’re off to Korea this evening for a workshop with another customer of ours on Thursday. Beijing is an exceptionally short trip as we kind of tacked it on in front of our meetings in Korea.┬áSince we got in last night we did a quick run through of Tian’anmen Square and then had a fantastic dinner of northern food (including some great knife cut noodles and some amazing jao zi).

I miss China a bunch. The sights, sounds, people and everything about it makes me think back to the times I lived in Shanghai. What I don’t miss is the pollution. I’ve only been to Beijing once before and I don’t recall it being this hazy and, well, gross.

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Back in Shanghai

However brief, I’m back in Shanghi. Landed here Monday night and ate at Vedas (delicious), then on Tuesday went around to the old office and dropped in on folks and had lunch, then Pablo and Maya arrived from Japan. Drinks at People’s 7, then dinner at South Beauty, then went to this new place called Richy’s (an offshot of Babyface it seems), then had some food at City Diner. Always a good place to end the night.

Today, we woke up late, had lunch at Din Tai Fung, cruised around Xintiandi and I also went to Shirtflag and bought two shirts that are pretty awesome. Then it’s off to dinner at M then probably a bar or something like that. I fly out tomorrow morning at 11am, so it’s a quick saunter through Shanghai but I’ve had a chance to see who I wanted to see and do what I wanted to do, so success overall.

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Beijing Olympics 2008 – Want to Join?

I’m heading to the Olympics in Beijing this August and have spare tickets to all the events I’m attending: tennis, beach volleyball, athletics, basketball, triathalon, and football (aka soccer). My buddy and I managed to get them at local prices so we scored four tickets to five events for about $200, leaving each person with only $50 per set of tickets.

The dates are August 15th to August 19th, and flights are looking to be roughly $1300. We’ve also secured an apartement to rent for a week, which will come to $250 per person. Not a bad deal to go to Bejing and see the Olympics.

If you’re interested in joining, get in touch!

P.S. this is my first blog post in nearly two months — and no, it’s not an April Fool’s Joke!

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