Short Trip to Asia, Starting in Beijing

I’m in Beijing at the moment, typing away on my laptop tethered via my Blackberry to the CHN-CUGSM 3G network. Technology is something, isn’t it?

We got in to Beijing last night for two customer meetings we have today, then we’re off to Korea this evening for a workshop with another customer of ours on Thursday. Beijing is an exceptionally short trip as we kind of tacked it on in front of our meetings in Korea. Since we got in last night we did a quick run through of Tian’anmen Square and then had a fantastic dinner of northern food (including some great knife cut noodles and some amazing jao zi).

I miss China a bunch. The sights, sounds, people and everything about it makes me think back to the times I lived in Shanghai. What I don’t miss is the pollution. I’ve only been to Beijing once before and I don’t recall it being this hazy and, well, gross.