5.02.2001: Me chilling
It’s been a long time (it seems like that’s the usual mumbo jumbo) since
I’ve last written, so here’s my most recent update. I’ve taken the job
at Microsoft, so I’ll be working there for a few months doing Program
Management for Visual Studio, which I’m really excited about. My computer
is now running Windows XP, and I can say that’s it’s very … interesting.
It’s a got a whole new look and feel. If you want to learn more about
it, I suggest Paul Thurrott’s Windows
Super Site
. My roommate, Ryan T as of now is jamming to hard core
death-metal type of music by the name of Taken,
which, unlike most death music, is quite entertaining to listen to,
while at the same time on my stero is Wayne
of Blue Note Records.
Work at the VA Center is pretty chill right now, and on the side I’ve
been bouncing around an idea in my head that a friend of mine, Tobin
, called adaptive pre-caching. Anyway, I’ve made some changes to
the Things link on the left, so check it out.