3.18.2002: WTC 9/11 Six Month Memorial Well, it’s final week. What does that mean? High stress, high tension
and no fun. That’s okay, because next week I’m going to London! Yessir,
that’s right, for Spring Break I’m going to London, England. We’ll be
visited London itself, as well as Cambridge and Windor. Plus, we’re
going to go see the play, Play
What I Wrote
, directed by Kenneth Branagh in the Wyndhams Theatre.
Should be cool. I’m very exicted. I’ve got two finals on Tuesday, and
one on Thursday, so my schedule isn’t too bad. Recently, I’ve begun
working on TonoTopic again, so
that it’s acutally useful and that other people can use it as well.
Check it out, it’s getting useful finally. On the left if the September
11th Memorial in Manhattan. I think it was a great idea, the two pillars
of light. Smashing, just smashing.