3.10.2002: side c, a band from san diego
I update far too infrequently. Well, what’s been up with me? Nothing
much, I went to my sister’s MUN conference
in Laguna Hills. Props to them, they did a great job with a wonderful
turn out. This week was home to a COGS107B midterm, which was brutal.
I also put on a tech talk on Wednesday. So this one guy who came put
his name in 4 times for the raffle. What a moron. I’ll have to school
him. This is week 10 coming up, which is my last week before finals
and before I go to London! I’m so jazzed, I’ve already booked tickets
to Windsor Castle, and going to get tickets to a play there as well.
Oh! Today’s picture is of Side C, a band from San Diego, one of who’s
members is Ryan Taylor, my roommate from last year! So mxellent. Here
is one of their tracks that I really like. You can find more tracks
and info at