Fratelli’s in Bedminster

On Thursday, my family and I went to Fratelli’s in Bedminster to have dinner. I’d mentioned earlier in the week that I wanted to find a really authentic Italian restaurant, something that should be quite easy around these parts. Thus we went to this little place at 959 US Highway 202, called Fratelli’s.

When we entered the restaurant, the host and waiters started talking to each other in Italian to arrange a table for us. When we sat down in the dining room, most of the people were families, in groups of 6+ people. The place of service was slow and relaxed, and our waiter took time to bring us menus and gushed over certain dishes and knew that an Indian family coming in was possibly vegetarian (and asked as when we’d sat down to guide us on the menu). What struck me the most was the pace of the whole dining experience. Slow, relaxing, saying coming here to enjoy the food and the company you’re in. It wasn’t a get in, get out way of eating. I’m pretty sure our family recorded a record long time eating at one restaurant.

The food, while simple, was exactly what I was looking for. We ordered a simple ricotta ravioli, a penne (which was incredibly al dente), and a breaded and fried eggplant dish (not sure what its name was). The dishes took their time to come out after we’d ordered them, but we were all pleasantly surprised when we received them. Simple and delicious, there was nothing far too fancy about them; just what you’d expect from a family run place.

I’d highly recommend eating at Fratelli’s. It’s likely out of the way unless you’re here and I’m fairly certain there’s no shortage of great Italian eateries in the NY/NJ area, but if you do happen to find yourself on US Highway 202, give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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Kwik-E Mart in Mountain View

The 7-11 near the office (on Pear Street) became a Kwik-E Mart today. It seems it’s the only one in the area, and it’s without a doubt one of the coolest movie promos ever. They had people in Apu’s uniform behind the counter, Radioactive Man comics for sale, Buzz Cola, crazy pink donughts, hilarous signs saying “Buy 3 for the price of 3!”and Squishes. We bought a case of Buzz Cola and some donughts back to the office after lunch, and they were gone within minutes.   

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Northern California Water

While I’m typically not one to participate in the “NorCal” versus “SoCal” battle (having lived extended amounts of time in both), there is one thing that Northern California has that is unbeatable: the water. Tap water here tastes so good. It came back to my mind after drinking tap water in San Diego, which tasted metallic, odd and just not very good. Up here in SF, the water supply from the tap is as good as anything bought in a bottle, or even better. It has that almost buttery quality. Yum.

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