2.9.2001: John and Arthur at the now-bankrupt Orconet just finished the two weeks from hell. 3 midterms! At least it’s all
done now, and I’ve got some time to get back to my page. I’ve been selected
as an "expert" for the Java expert group to work on making
a Java daemon standard (JSR-096)!
I interviewed with Microsoft for a position there today. We’ll see how
that goes. This picture harks backs to the days of manyADs.com.

Not much new around here. Went on Friday night to see Tone-Loc
of Wild Thang fame, which was cool.

Look under things, where I’ve decided to start a project
called "TheLives" which will be an online artifical life simulator.
For an example of one, check out TechnoSphere.

1.12.2001: Me thru John's fish-eye lense
Arthur C. Clark was wrong. Shucks. This is www.adityabansod.net, my
personal site, a place for me to write, read, and do stuff. Raight,
and I make sense. Keep watching, cuz new stuff will be happening around
here. That is a picture of me.