Japan’s Upcoming Election

Japan heads to the voting booths on September 11th for a snap election to revote their government. In what many people are calling the most important election in post-war Japan, it marks perhaps one of the first opportunities that the single-party dominance of the LDP has come under attack. I’ve been watching the news on this election since it first was announced on the failure of the privatization of Japan Post and the linked Wikipedia article gives a good background on the topic.

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SF Examiner

If you’re looking for a great free local newspaper that has excellent local coverage of the city of SF and the greater Bay Area, look no further than the San Francisco Examiner. It provides excellent coverage of events and news of The City, an order of magnitude better than the Chronicle. They pick up on a lot of articles and news stories that the Chronicle misses on, such as local redevelopment, news from City Hall, etc. The best part is they refer to San Francisco as “The City” in all their articles (with that capitalization). I’ve been walking to the train station in the mornings pretty regularly and been picking up daily on the walk.

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