Track of the Week: Dance Or Die by Janelle Moane

This week’s track is Dance Or Die by Janelle Moane off of The ArchAndroid. I can’t get enough of this nu-funk sound (like Feb 20th’s TOTW), and Janelle Moane’s album is chock full of that fun, upbeat, and horn+synth heavy texture. I’d originally been turned on to Moane with her song Tightrope, a collaboration with Big Boi. It’s probably the most friendly / fun song on the album, but I liked this song as it’s a little more laid back and showcases Moane’s lyrical delivery and is just more funky. It’s mixed to run right in to the following track, Faster, which takes the melody from Dance or Die, and pumps it up to a full on dance song, four on the floor with a solid hook. The album as a whole is worth a stream/download.