Track of the Week: Shot Yourself In The Foot Again by Skream & Example

This week’s track is Shot Yourself In The Foot Again by Skream & Example, a little dubstep ditty I found at the top of Hype Machine’s popular music list this week. While I generally don’t like the really grimey/dirty dubstep, this song is more dance with a little bit of dubstep thrown in. The solid four on the floor thumps through, layered under a melodic synth line. The track tells the story, one so typical yet always gets retold, of priorities between having fun and committing. Unlike most tracks of the week, I find this song a lot more illustrative with the music video. At the breaks the director does a rapid set of flash-cuts which advance the two sides of the story quickly. Great song, and perhaps one of the few “dubsteps” song that I want to listen to over and over again.