Snowed In Out East

As you’ve probably heard, the East Coast was blanketed in 9″ – 30″ of snow the day after Christmas. I happened to be out east visiting my dad which resulted in me getting snowed in for a day to leave for my vacation to Central America.

On Sunday I ran in to NYC for the morning, right before the storm hit. It took us 45m to get and 2 hours to get back. I shot some photos of the city as it started to get hit.

View from 1540 Broadway, 17th floor:

View walking up Broadway:

I managed to get out last night via White Plains instead of the original Newark to Atlanta, spent the night in Atlanta and am now waiting back at the Atlanta airport to head out. The flight out of White Plains (Westchester County) was pretty harrowing. The 40+mph gusts on the ground made for huge snow drifts, causing it look like we were about to take off of an ice shelf in Antartica. Here are a few pictures as we boarded the plane:

Thankfully everybody is safe and thanks to my dad for driving me up to the airport, I’m ready to go down to Belize and Guatemala and enjoy the sun!