Track of the Week: Lionheart by Emancipator

Track of the week is back, baby! This week’s track is lionheart by emancipator, off of soon it will be cold enough. And we’re back this week with a very low key track that I first heard on the Stargate Studios 2009 Reel (I highly suggest you watch if you want to see how TV is made), and then rediscovered when @inxsingh sent me a link to the entire Emancipator album.

The entire album is a wonderful juxtaposition of strings and piano and other classical instruments over solid drum lines. As an example, the song eve has an amen break-esque drum line on top of which are processed vocals and violins. Lionheart in particular carries it’s melody on a wonderful combination of electric guitar, violins, and a piano riff. On a day like today when it’s early August but out my window all I see is fog and the mid 50s, this is the kind of music that will bring you up slowly and get you ready for a day.