Track of the Week: Glamorous Lifesystle by The Jacka

This week’s track is Glamorous Lifestyle by The Jacka, off of Tear Gas. A bit of a departure from the last few weeks of track of the week, this is track straight out of the Bay Area as The Jacka hails from Pittsburg, CA.

Not a ton to say about this track. It’s a fun ditty, full of the usual hip hop bravado. The thing that got me hooked on this one is that it’s local to the Bay Area, it’s pretty catchy (strings + flute = unusual and fun) and has a great hook. If that doesn’t make for a hip hop / pop single, I’m not sure what does. The album as a whole is pretty solid hip hop album. Production is pretty low-fi but he’s got a good voice and can rhyme over a beat.