Track of the Week: Fences by Phoenix

This week’s track is Fences by Phoenix off of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I admit I’m very late to the Phoenix party. By late, I mean a Grammy nomination and about a year late.

I heard this track first mixed in to The Twelves’ Essential Mix, where the repetition of “dissident” and “miss it” makes for a great house mix over a dance beat. I’m not totally sure what the track is about — the the chorus is “Fences in a row / Why are they protecting Rome?” seem to make sense but not really in the context of the rest of the song.

Nonetheless, I’ve been loving the song for a few weeks. It’s a great little indie rock song with a simple 4/4 beat. The super funky bass line it’s built on sounds like it’s out of the 70s and Thomas Mars’ vocals are infectious. If you don’t have the album it’s worth getting for nearly all of the tracks.