Track of the Week: The Distance by Cake

I send a weekly email to a group of friends that is my pick for a “track of the week.” The list has been going on for just short of two years and and is basically me sending music that was interesting that particular week. It tends swing between house/electronica, hip-hop and rock. Going forward, I’m going to start posting the picks on my blog. I don’t think I’ll post the actual audio files, but will link to the YouTube video if one exists. As a fair warning, at best I’m a mediocre music critic and an awful music writer, so reader beware.

This week is an “oldie” from 1996, The Distance by Cake, off of Fashion Nugget. I heard the song on the radio and realized I didn’t own the album. A quick trip to Amazon MP3 fixed that problem. I love how focused the song is in its sound & lyrics, and the deadpan delivery of the vocals makes it iconic. I remember hearing this song all the time in high school.