Diving in Nha Trang and Leaving for Hoi An

[originally posted Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 10:16pm

We woke up this morning at 7:30am to catch our ride to our dive boat for a day of diving on the islands off of Nha Trang. I’ve never been diving before so I signed up for a “discovery” dive, which is basically a tandem dive with a dive master. The ride out to the dive sites was ~50 minutes and the diving was fantastic. There was a ton to sea underwater and the ocean was really clear. I did two dives, and in the in between time we snorked the waters. The diving pretty much like snorkling, only you’re a lot deeper and about a thousand times closer to the coral and sea life. Saw some moray eels and a lot of other fish I’ll never be able to identify.

After about four hours out on the water we returned back to the city at 2ish and made plans with some of the other people we’d met diving to have dinner later in the evening. We had some pho as a late lunch and then hung out for a while, bumming around. We had a lovely dinner with the people we met which provided perhaps the culinary hilight of the trip so far — an order of monitor lizard.

We also decided to try to find transport out of Nha Trang to continue our trek north, but as it turned out the sleeper train to Da Nang was sold out tonight, and all the sleeper buses were also sold out. For a brief moment we had hopes that seats in the sleeper bus avaiable, but by the time we pulled the trigger, the tickets were sold out. Long story short, we’re on a upright seat train tonight to Hoi An / Da Nang. We’ll see how it goes — we leave at 11:18pm and arrive at 9ish in the morning. Sitting in a seat for that long with a pack does not seem like it’ll be fun, but I’m looking forward to seeing Hoi An tomorrow.