A Quick Day in Delhi

We started the north India leg of our trip today flying in to the Delhi airport by 2pm. We’ve booked this party all as a package tour, so we were whisked away from the airport in a small bus and checked in to the Taj Mahal Hotel on Man Singh Road. This, by a fair margin, may be the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

The attention to detail and the service are impeccable. For example, when you check at reception, your reception agent then gets up from behind their desk and takes you to your room, shows you around, and you sign your paperwork in your room. After which they then offered to send up some tea and coffee and asked if they can come later to clean it all up. The wakeup call was also the best thing ever. So you call to set the call, and the lady then took the time for the call, asked if I wanted a reminder call and when I wanted it. Then (and get this) asked if I was expecting any calls during the night — which I did not — so she told me they’d hold all the calls and take messages and give them to me in the morning. The last line before hanging up? “Sleep well sir, we’ll wake you up in the morning.” Loves it.

On the tourist side, we saw the Presidential Palace and India Gate in the afternoon, then went to Bukhara for dinner. All in all a good set of things to see and today we’re off to Agra to see the actual Taj Mahal. The photos on my web site are up to date since I sync’ed last night, too.