Two Days in Seoul

It’s our last night in Seoul. Tonight for the first time we had a chance to go see a little bit on the “old Seoul”, on the north side of the river. It seems we’re staying in Gangnam, which is a more newly developed part of Seoul (although if you look it’s just jam packed with people and amazing). In the part of Seoul we went to today, we got a chance to have a meeting in SK Telecom’s T-Tower, their new office building that is phenomenally beautiful. It’s a glass, steel and concrete building that has an amazing LCD that runs across the interior lobby and the actually reception area is a floor below the lobby which makes the lobby this flowing space where people are constantly moving. Very interesting design elements in play.

On the eating side I’ve been having bi-bim-bop for lunch most days and noodles or rice/soup for dinner. The bi-bim-bop here is so much better than what I’ve had in the states. There are tons of vegetarian options, which makes it great to keep trying different ones.

Overall, I’ve loved Korea and Seoul. It’s right in the middle of a spectrum (if one did exist) between China and Japan in East Asia. I love how sophisticated technology here, but it feels like it has a great soul (no pun intended) and heart to it. It makes me want to thinking about living in Asia again. I’m heading to Tokyo (Gimpo to Haneda), where we’ll continue customer meetings and end the week. Kamsamida!