Facebook News Feed

I love the new feed. I heart it, with a lot of hearts. It solves a lot of problems in social networks, including problems I didn’t know existed before. But I’m frustrated with it. Why? Well, it shows me a lot of information from friends I don’t really care about (sorry guys). I know they filter stuff semi-intelligently but it seems like it doesn’t chose which friends to show more about super well.

The other, and more frustrating issue, is that things appear out of order on the feed and at random times. First example, status updates. On the right bar where the little status bar module is, I have to look there to see what my friends are statusing, since the news feed doesn’t always show them. Second example, if two friends are having a wall conversation I’ve seen it more than once put the older one higher in the feed than the old one and the conversation becomes unparsable.

The feed is incredibly useful. I just wish it made the leap to become indispensable.