When You Wake Up Too Late (Or Another Day in Granada)

We woke up at 930am, a tad bit late for the 830 bus to San Juan del Sur. Woops. So we stayed in Granada for the day. We lounged around the hostel for most of the  morning. Sadly, they were out of their typico breakfast (which has been by far the best Nicaraguan food I’ve had thus far) so I had to settle for a “continental” breakfast. We didn’t leave the hostel until about 1:30pm and made our way around the colonial city parts of Granada. Quite pretty, reminded me a lot of Georgetown in Malaysia.

After walking for a while around the central square and the Cathedral, we ended up settling in for lunch at Tesoroes Ohos (or something that meant third eye), and I had a very good meal with little tapas. Not really Nicaraguan, but good food is good food. We ordered a drink called Michelada Nacional, which was a beer with something that tasted like Worchester sauce and black pepper. It was very different than anything I’d had before. I can’t say I really liked it, but it was worth trying. Apparently it’s all the rage in Mexico right now.

We finished lunch around 4:30pm then went to the museum for a little bit. It turned out to be a pretty sad state of affairs so we only stayed there for a short while and left, retraced our steps back and came back to the hostel. As short as our jaunt out was (3 hours or so) we managed to take 170+ pictures. We chilled at the hostel again for a while until we started to feel hungry and walked around to a pizza place that Jamus had ate at with the PCV folks a few days back. The pizza was good and by around 10:30 we were back (yet again) at the hostel and relaxing in the hammocks. A peaceful and full-of-nothing day in the end.

Our tickets for San Juan del Sur are booked for tomorrow from the same company that brought me from the airport. It was funny, when we went to the ticket counter, it was the same folks who had actually picked me up from the airport. So we leave for SJDC tomorrow at 8:30am. I’ve packed up my pack and we’re ready to leave to the (supposedly) unspoilt and untouristed beaches on the Caribbean coast. Now it’s off to bed as Jamus and I are playing potentially friendship ruining would-you-rather.