Laguna de Apoyo, Granada

We went today to Laguna de Apoya, a small (ish) lake cut out a crater. Our bus left at 10am and Jamus and spent the entire day lounging around the lake in the small cabana-ish area that was outside of it. The lake was made from a volcanic crater that resulted an a very blue and windy pocket between mountains, all made seeminly from the same volanic activity. I had forgotten to bring any swim gear for this trip at all, so I did not get to go in the water (even tho they had kayaks!), but I did manage to buy a swim suite this evening.

For lunch, we walked along the beach area to another resturant up a little from where we were in hopes of getting true Nica food. We found it, ordered some dishes recomended and much to our disappointment, they were pretty awful. Full of oil and fried cheses (and not in the good way), we must have ate just over half of what was served to us. We spent the rest of the afternoon just lounging in the sun and talking the usual nonsense that we do (including a few rounds of would-you-rather).

Our bus went back to city proper at 4:30pm, so we got back around 5pm. I got my camera and went out to the city to take some pictures. For the first time on this trip, I felt uncomfortable carrying my DSLR around so I didn’t stay out for too long (plus, the light was leaving). We found a grocery store, bought some stuff that we needed and headed back. Generally speaking, walking around here is a little sketch. Nothing to be afraid of, but I’ve heard some bad stories that have put the appropriate level of concern in me that I’m letting my spidey-sense be overactive.

After putting the camera back, we found a swim suit for me and then came back again to the hostel and took a dip on the pool for a while. The water was super super cholorinated, and it was slippery in my hands. Needless to say I rinsed off intensly after getting out. We went to a Nic/Mex place for dinner and had a NZ guy who was also at our hostel join us. He’s been working-traveling for the last four years all over the world, refusing to settle down in any one location more than a year. His current plans take him to Chile. Awesome.

We have yet to figure out what we’re doing tomorrow. One option is Leon, another is some island in a very big lake that’s the landmass created from two volcanos, and another is a beachy area near the Costa Rican border (San Juan del Sud? the name escapes me at the moment). I have a feeling we’ll stay here in Granada for another day and head out on Wednesday for another location in Nic.